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New Zealand Fish Guide Ranks Skipjack And Albacore As Best Choices

New Zealand conservation organization Forest & Bird has launched the latest edition of its Best Fish Guide to help consumers choose seafood that is sustainably fished.
Forest & Bird is concerned about what it claims are unsustainable levels of fishing for some species, damaging fishing methods such as bottom trawling, and the by-catch of threatened species including New Zealand sea lions, Maui’s dolphins and seabirds.
The group’s marine conservation advocate, Katrina Subedar, said: “Using the Best Fish Guide gives consumers the power to make a change. They can put pressure on the big supermarkets to stock more ecologically sustainable seafood. The fishing industry would have to respond by using more sustainable fishing methods. Kiwi consumers can also reduce pressure on the heavily fished species we are most concerned about by using the guide when they shop.”
Subedar said hoki – New Zealand’s most important commercially fished species – is ranked slightly better in the latest guide. This reflects improving stock levels, but she suggested there are still concerns over the environmental impacts of bottom trawling and threatened seabird and fur seal by-catch associated with the fishery.
“Tuna is a great example of the value of the guide. Lots of New Zealanders enjoy tuna, but we need to make the right choices. Southern and Pacific bluefin tuna have one of the worst rankings but albacore and skipjack tuna are better choices,” Subedar said.