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EUROTHON To Discuss 2012 Strategy To Stop PNG

Today, February 8, 2012, the Communitarian tuna industry integrated in EUROTHON will meet in Madrid to discuss the actions that are to be taken to defend the interests of the European Union tuna industry.
The delegation will be headed by Juan Vieites, president of EUROTHON and secretary general of ANFACO-CECOPESCA.
EUROTHON is the organization that defends the interests of the tuna industry in the European Union, representing both the tuna fleet as well as the tuna canning and processing industry. Its main activity is to represent the EU industry before the Communitarian institutions and the multilateral agencies that manage the trade in tuna products.
The purpose of the meeting is to plan a 2012 strategy that will enlighten the European Commission about the importance of the measures to be taken, mainly when negotiating trade agreements with third countries, taking into account the need to ensure viability and competitiveness of the Communitarian tuna industry, which generates a significant number of jobs in regions particularly dependent of EU coastal fishing and fishing in wasters of GSP + and ACP countries that have Communitarian investments favored by the legal framework designed by the EU itself.
In the context of both the bilateral and regional negotiations between the EU and third countries, as well as of the WTO, EUROTHON is actively defending the need for the EU to make sure that those negotiations do not involve granting trade benefits to third countries which could endanger the maintenance of employment generated by the Communitarian tuna industry in the EU. Also that, in the current economic situation, there is no need to prioritize the development policies that damage the principle of Communitarian preference, such as in the partnership agreement signed by the EU with the Pacific States, which has allowed the elimination of the rules of origin for Papua New Guinea.