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Spanish Tuna Seiners Resume Fishing With Private Security Onboard

Several Basque tuna vessels, sailing with Seychellois flag,  were resuming their fishing activities on Saturday with the  support of private security to prevent attacks by Somali pirates.
One of these vessels is the “Demiku” which belongs to the company Echebastar, also owner of the “Alakrana”, the tuna purseseiner from Bermeo that was recently hijacked by pirates.

According to declarations on Radio Euskadi, on Sunday the vessel would be carrying private security onboard and the intention was then head out and resume operations.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Miguel Angel Moratinos said they were making “every effort” to resolve, as soon as possible, the situation of the “Alakrana” tuna fishing vessel.  In the meantime, some Basque tuna seiners have started fishing with the assistance of private security to prevent pirate attacks.