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Herdez Group Doubles Its Tuna Work Force In Chiapas

The Mexican Herdez Group has more than doubled its staff just one year after the opening of its tuna plant in Port Chiapas. The group now employs 900 workers, while having started operations four months ago with a staff of 400.

According a report, the company anticipates toemploy 1,100 workers by 2011, after an expected investment of more than 200 million Mexican Pesos (USD 15 million). The Group reported that it expects Chiapas to become the
country’s second leading tuna center.

The group targeted investments in high-priority areas for plant operations, such as renovations to wharf receiving tuna vessels and in the building of a cold storage facility with a  capacity to upto 3,000 tons.
According to the report,  the group also purchased a new vessel.  Chiapas tuna plant boasts a Socially Responsible Company certificate, which guarantees that it responsibly uses waste and controls its environmental emissions.

The group sells tuna products worth around Mexican Pesos 1 billion (USD 75.2 million) annually and produces some 34,000 tons, which it distributes in close to 3.8 million cases throughout  Mexico and other countries.
The group, according to the text, also purchased a new boat tuna and two additional income, thus, more available, the sum total fleet of boats and 9, with a capacity of 9.200 tons.
The company dedicated to the food elaboration process obtained revenues of Mexican Pesos 133 million (USD 10 million) during the second quarter of 2009, it was reported.Meanwhile, the company’s EBITDA totalled Mexican Pesos 303 million (USD 22.8 million), with an increase of 19.2 per cent in the same period.The head of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishery and Foods (SAGARPA), Alberto Cardenas Jimenez, pointed out that the central government supports the promotion of investments and job creation carried out by Governor Juan Sabines in Chiapas 100 per cent.“I want to congratulate them because they come to Chiapas, where there is government and states rights, defence of investments and promotion of the same,” the Secretary of Agriculture added.