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Greeenpeace Demands A Reserve Around Spanish Islands To Protect Bluefin

The environmental organization Greenpeace last week requested to urgently create a sanctuary in Balearic waters to protect bluefin tuna, which is in great danger of extinction.

This was demanded by Greenpeace director, Juan Lopez de Uralde, and the responsible of the environmental organization's oceans-campaign, Celia Ojeda, during a press conference.

The press conference was set up to inform the start of the international campaign calling for the creation of a network of marine reserves covering 40 percent of the waters of the Mediterranean to safeguard the marine ecosystem.

The conference was held on board Greenpeace’ ship, Rainbow Warrior, in the waters of Palma, at the start of the environmentalists’ voyage through the Mediterranean.
The vessels will be heading towards Italy, France, Turkey and Lebanon.

Ms. Ojeda informed about the biodiversity existing within the 8,000 hectares of water around the Balearic Isllands which should become a sanctuary and that is also the bluefin tuna’s spawning area.

This claim is supported by numerous scientific studies, according to Ms. Ojeda, who noted the "high" and biological value of this species that is "close to extinction." She also added that, if bluefin tuna would become extinct, "the situation would become very difficult for other species."

The ecologist indicated that the establishment of such an bluefin tuna protection area would result in a benchmark for conservation around the world.

Ms. Ojeda indicated that there is a European directive which obliges the Spanish government to create areas of marine reserves.

On the other hand,Mr. De Uralde was positive about French president Nicolas Sarcozy’s announcement to list bluefin tuna among the CITES protected species.