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Vietnamese Tuna Fishermen Prefer Not Sell On Auction

The South Central Seafood Market at Hon Ro Port was designated to provide fishermen from Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces with a modern commercial center where they could sell their catch.

But the state-of-the art 4,800 square-meter center appears to have ignored the conventions of fishing in Vietnam.

The tuna auction hall, for example, is all but abandoned as local fishermen are simply unaccustomed to auctioning.

Market management head Do Trung Hiep said only 50 percent of the VND23 billion (US$1.32 million) center had been put to use since its opening in March 2007.

He said the facilities would likely deteriorate if left to sit for so long.

Though the market was supposed to be a stable material supplier to seafood processing factories for export, Hiep said very few fish were brought to the port each day.

He said fish being caught in the area were often sold at illegal ports.

Such ports were often small and sometimes dirty, he said, but they were more popular because they didn’t charge anchorage and port facility fees.