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Venezuela Bans Dragnet Fishing

The fishing law has eliminated industrial fishing activities because of the ecological damage that they have caused in Venezuela's maritime ecosystem. Environment Ministry biological diversity director, Jesus Manzanilla says the dragnet type of fishing has affected Venezuelan marine diversity, which has 800 saltwater fish species and around 3,000 of crab and molluscs. According to Agriculture & Lands Minister, Elias Jaua, the government's measure will not affect the market because only 6% of the domestic fish market comes from the dragnet industry. 70% is supplied by artisan fishermen and 5% of supplies come from fish farms. Jaua insists that the elimination of dragnet fishing will not cause a rise in prices.

The Socialist Institute Fishing and Farming is financing 31 boats that should be assembled by the end of the year to supply Tuna and other kinds  of local fish for the local markets.