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Study: Vitamin D In Tuna Lowers Risk Of MS

A new study shines some light on a possible link between vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis. Researchers hope that if pregnant women take supplements the number of M.S. suffers could be reduced by over half.

The link researchers at Oxford University noticed was the condition occurring more frequently in colder areas of the world while warmer countries saw fewer cases of the condition. They wondered if the link might be between vitamin D and a gene believed to be related to the development of the condition.

The research which was published in the Public Library of Science Genetics journal shows that vitamin D proved to have affected the development of the suspected genes.

Vitamin D can be found in such foods as herring, tuna or salmon, but it is also produced naturally by the human when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

MS is an autoimmune condition affecting the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord keeping them from communicating with each other.
The progressive condition usually affects physical and cognitive abilities.