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Spanish Gov’t Reports That Bluefin Quotas Are Exhausted

The complete sector related to the fishing of bluefin tuna has been informed by the Secretary General of the Sea from the Ministry of Environment and Marine Affairs (MARM) that the quotas for bluefin tuna fishery are exhausted.
In this sense, MARM wants to point the following:
- The total assigned bluefin tuna fishing quantity was 180 tons, which was obtained through a quota exchange with Portugal.
- There are no negotiations currently taking place, nor are there any plans for negotiations with other Member states which have not yet exhausted their bluefin tuna capacity.
- Spain therefore does not dispose of any additional quota other than the assigned 180 tons. Of these 180 tons, the net trap fishers received 123.8 toes, representing 68.78% of the total quantity available.
- The Spanish Fisheries Administration main priority is the strict compliance with all aspects included in the recovery plan for bluefin tuna, as the only possible path for the recovery of this species and its fishery.