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Spain Further Increases Its Reliance On Pre-Cooked Loins

Spanish canneries took a 53% share on the total European imports of pre-cooked tuna loins – from countries outside the European Union (EU) - in 2008.  From a total of 85.034 M/T, designated to the Spanish country were 45.102 M/T.

The major exporter of cooked loins to the EU is Ecuador, with 41% of total volume, followed by El Salvador (15%), Mauritius (11%) and Thailand (9%). 
Spanish pre-cooked loin origins follow the same trend as the EU with some emerging suppliers such as China and Guatemala, which didn’t export any loins to the country in 2007. Last year, these countries exported 1.335 M/T and 1.468 M/T – respectively – only to Spain.

Making use of the European quota for pre-cooked loins, China has become a fast growing supplier to the Spanish tuna canneries – with exports almost doubling.

Exports of tuna loins in 2008 from Spain were only 2.285 M/T, which proves the high usage of the product by local canners.

Italy is the second top destination for pre-cooked tuna loins in Europe. Last year the country imported 32.511 M/T of the product. However, this number shows a 17% decrease from 2007, while the Spanish imports of the product grew 24% during the same period.

Spain’s close business relations and investments in Ecuador are proving to benefit both countries in the pre-cooked tuna loin business. This South-American country is the only one among the major exporters cited above that didn’t reduce its sales to the EU and Spain.