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Salica Plant Resumes Activities

About 200 workers are resuming work after two weeks of unemployment caused by a fire at the plant

The production of the Spanish company Salica Frozen Foods was expected to resume operations last week said Antonio Picher, director of the plant. He said “we are trying to finalize work on the plant’s wastewater equipment and there is still only some technical and operational aspects remain to be revised”.

Approximately 200 employees return to their jobs after completion of the pending proceedings. Most workers will return to the cleaning, preparation and tuna cooking lines.

Regarding the damage to the facilities’ wastewater treatment caused by the fire last month, Antonio Picher commented that "Management is assessing the damage, but the exact amount is unknown. The important thing is that we are able to say that we are resuming full activities at the plant”.

The director of the Salica plant, which is located in Galicia, Spain, said that “due to the great damage caused by the incident, the company decided to discontinue its activities, however, it did not contact other companies to outsource its tuna cooking, cleaning or processing activities”.

The flames had mainly damaged the plant’s wastewater treatment, which was almost burned down. "To overcome this setback we contacted several companies to fix the damage as soon as possible," Mr. Picher said.

The only activities performed at the Salica facilities these last two weeks were those of packaging and labeling, as well as the factory cleaning and maintenance which never came to a halt.