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Princes Launches Premium Gourmet Tuna Sandwich Filling

Princes is expanding its iconic range of Shippam’s spreads with a new five-strong line up of gourmet sandwich fillings, including the flavor Tuna & Black Pepper.

Shippam’s is a very traditional British brand, established in 1750 and acquired by Princes in 2001. It became famous for its potted spreads and pastes.

The ambient deli-style fillings, an alternative to chilled sandwich fillings, are designed to drive market value by creating a new premium level within the ambient category. The new line-up features deli-inspired recipes, chunkier ingredients and contemporary, eye-catching packaging.  

According to Princes marketing director, Neil Brownbill there’s a growing demand for more premium products in the ambient category: “We spotted an opportunity to drive value growth of ambient spreads with a new range of premium sandwich fillings”, he added.

Value-added products are becoming increasingly common within the tuna industry. Tuna brands all over the world are investing in ready-made tuna meals, tuna spreads and flavored canned tuna.

Shippam’s Gourmet spreads are available in 75g jars with an recommended selling price of 89pence.  Flavors include Tuna & Black Pepper. Coronation Chicken, Creamy Peppered Mackerel, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Chicken, and Bacon & Stilton.