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Pret A Manger Switches Skipjack Contracts To Pole And Line At Same Price

Reports of the disappearance of the tuna from Pret a Manger sandwiches are exaggerated. The fish is only going from the chain’s sushi because of the difficulty of distinguishing yellowfin from the threatened bluefin, whose plight is highlighted in the new film, “The End of the Line.”
“The film is powerful and I wanted to be sure I never buy any bluefin,” Julian Metcalfe, who founded the company with a friend in 1986, said in a telephone interview. “The sandwiches are skipjack, which is an entirely different fish and there’s no shortage. But there’s still a danger of bycatch (where other fish get caught in the net) so we’re moving toward entirely pole-and-line caught. Don't ask me how, but we’ve negotiated contracts so prices shouldn’t go up,” Metcalfe said.