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Pescamar Launches Tuna Product Range Aimed At Kids

After extensive testing, involving hundreds of children, Pescamar finally came up with the ideal fried tomato sauce recipe to be added to tuna for the launching of its new tuna product.

The product is ‘Pescamar Kids’, canned tuna in tomato sauce, which will be sold in supermarkets as of this month of June. Pescamar Kids will come in a three-pack and sold at an approximate price of Euro 1.2, although the definite price has not yet been set.

More than two hundred students participated in the last testing rounds and only two students stated that they “did not like the product”.

According to the company’s spokesman, Pescamar -which provides employment to more than 400 people- it’s the only company in the industry particularly targeting the children’s market. “The product is easy to prepare and was liked by almost all the children who tasted it” said Lupe Murillo, Pescamar’s General Manager. She also said that the decision to market tuna specifically in tomato sauce is the result of the sales of more than Euro 30 million of canned tuna in tomato sauce last year.

According to Ms Murillo, Pescamar distributed ten thousand cans of tuna in tomato sauce to schools in Galicia and the Canary Islands, this last where Pescamar is leader in selling canned product. School children ranging between the ages of 5 and 13 will be testing the final product that is being distributed to the school canteens until June 25th.