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Peru Allows Tuna Vessels From Panama, Ecuador In EEZ

The Ministry of Production (Produce) has granted two fishing permits to vessels from Panama and Ecuador in Peruvian waters. The new licenses will allow the vessel to fish for tuna for a fixed period of three months.
Panamanian company King International Fishing Corporation and the Ecuadorian company Geopaxi are the beneficiaries of the permits.

The fishing activities may be undertaken in Peruvian jurisdictional waters beyond ten miles off the coast, stipulate the two resolutions issued by Produce.

The permits will expire automatically once the three-month term of the license expires, or for nonpayment of fishing rights, or once the fishing quota is reached, as has been established by Produce for the fishing season.
Permits may be renewed automatically for a similar period, provided that the initial requirements submitted to acquire a fishing license remain valid.

The start of the two companies' fishing operations is entirely dependent on the foreign vessels carrying an Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC)-accredited observer on board and the proven installation of an onboard Satellite Monitoring System (SISESAT).

Thirty per cent of the crew hired by the shipowners of the Panamanian, Venezuelan and Ecuadorian vessels must also be made up of Peruvian nationals.

Once the fishing permits have expired, the fishing companies – through their legal representatives in Peru – must submit sworn affidavits to the Directorate General of Fisheries and Processing in which they report on the species and volume in tons of their total harvest, for Produce statistical purposes.

Non-compliance of the obligations established in the resolutions will trigger the expiration of the fishing permit or the application of the corresponding sanctions.

The General Directorate of Captaincy and Coastguards of the Ministry of Defense will impede any vessel from abandoning Peruvian jurisdictional waters if some obligation before Produce remains pending after the fishing period has concluded.