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Over 350 Vietnamese Workers Hospitalized After Eating Stewed Tuna

More than 350 footwear workers in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thu Duc and Binh Chanh Districts were hospitalized June 11th with food poisoning after eating lunch provided by their companies.

More than 170 workers at Minh Nghe Trading and Industrial Co., Ltd in Thu Duc District were the first to get symptoms like skin rashes, headache, and dizziness after eating stewed tuna and water morning glory soup. Many of them lost consciousness and were rushed to Thu Duc Hospital for emergency aid.

Doctors there said tuna could have caused the food poisoning.

Later, 180 workers at Thuong Thang Shoe Production Company in Binh Chanh District ate stewed tuna, boiled water morning glory, and winter melon soup, and developed itches and nausea.

The Preventive Health Centers in the two districts has collected food samples from the companies for tests.

The food for workers at both places is supplied by a company in Binh Tan District.