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Nair Mexico Stops Production At Matzalan Tuna Plant

The Herdez and Kuo groups have reported that, as part of their Herdez del Fuente Group integration plan, will shut down the Nair tuna producing facilities in Port Mazatlan and transfer productions to Chiapas.

The Herdez del Fuerte Group has two operational plants: one in Port Mazatlan and another in Chiapas. After evaluating various aspects, the group decided to relocate the Mazatlan canning operations to the Chiapas plant.

Herdez and Kuo have been partners since December 2007. In January 2008 Herdez del Fuertet began  operations in the production and marketing of food and beverages. Both companies believe to create a Mexican group with an annual sales of about USD 500 million in the domestic and Unite States Market.

The joint venture would produce Kuo, which has 50% interest in Herdez del Fuerte, informed that this action represents a step further towards the implementation of the agreements  with the Herdez Group.

With this move, the company effectively abandons its canning operations in Mazatlan. However, the company facilities there will upkeep an operation level that will basically foresee raw material supply. This way, only a very reduced number of workers will be kept on at Mazatlan.

About  200 plant employees and 145 eventual workers will be out of work as a result of the decision.

Mazatlan plant workers are being offered the option of transferring to the plant the group keeps in Los Mochis or to the cannery in Chiapas.