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Mexico Starts Search For Pacific Bluefin

Due to the heavy increase of operation costs, only three companies in Baja California will be fattening Northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus orientalis) this year. Originally, there were 12 companies which were granted concessions to do so.
to the president of the Mexican Tuna Farm Association, Mr. Jeronimo Ramos, there will only be five vessels operating this year, which is less than half of the number sailing during previous cycles.

The first vessel searching for Northern bluefin tuna has now set sail in waters near Magdalena Bay, south parallel 28 of the Baja California peninsula. In May, with the changes of the sea temperatures, bluefin tuna are found swimming in this area.
According to Ramos, fish shoals are located from the sky via small planes contracted for the purpose. After their capture, the fish are transferred within special nets to the farms where they will be fattened.

It’s a long journey to the fattening farms and once they reach a suitable fat content and size, the tuna are slaughtered and exported to Japan.

Given the few number of farms in production this year, the sector hopes to obtain good prices, since the market will not be saturated.

Bluefin tuna produced in the tuna farms of Baja California are highly valued for their quality, flavor, color, fat and texture. The tuna are air freighted to Japan to be auctioned together with farmed tuna from other regions.