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Maersk Wants To Ship Only Sustainable & Dolphin Safe Tuna By 2010

The world’s largest shipping company, Maersk, has announced that it will only transport seafood from companies that were verified to be sustainable by the end of 2009.

Maersk ships around 4 million tons of seafood yearly.

The company has firmed a partnership with Earth Island Institute (EII) Dolphin Safe Program and Friend of the Sea (FOS) to use their list of the so-called “delinquent” seafood companies to help the verification of which companies not to do business with.

However, the Head of Global Seafood at Maersk, Mr. David Pawlan stated that “We are not only shipping from companies certified by EII, what we will do is to ask those companies that are NOT certified AT ALL to provide some evidence of certification – not necessarily by EII or FOS certification.

When asked about the seafood companies with sustainable practices but no eco-certification, Mr. Pawlan said that Maersk is still considering what to do in those cases, but assured that other certifications such as AIDCP and MSC will not be excluded from their activities.

“We just want to identify the companies that are not being sustainable. Excluding all the companies not certified by EII of FOS would be a huge problem”, Mr. Pawlan finalized.

Maersk hasn’t published anything official on the subject yet, therefore, it’s not fully clear what the shipping company considers to be a “delinquent” company. Nevertheless, a press release from Friend of the Sea today carried the statement: “Maersk will discourage and refuse the handling and shipping of tuna from companies declared by the Earth Island Institute as non-Dolphin-Safe”.In a response to that statement, Mr. Pawlan said that if this statement means excluding other certifications, the statement is untruthful, but if it means that Maersk will address the seafood companies listed as unsustainable by EII, that can be considered true.