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Japanese Research: Skipjack Of 4 Year Old Drastically Declining

At the meeting organized by Japan Fisheries Information Service Center (JAFIC) on June 3rd in Tokyo, a researcher of skipjack reported that, in the area, the spawning stock of skipjack of more than 4 years old has drastically declined.

He also reported that the stock of 2 to 3 years of age has grown matured earlier and is spawning the eggs, trying to maintain the stock. He suggested that over-fishing of skipjack adversely impacts the stock.

This information is coming from the Organization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries (OPRT), a Tokyo based NGO which has as stakeholders the Tuna Longline Fishing Organization in the World, public Japanese corporations related to fisheries, consumers organizations in Japan, distributors in Japan and all tuna RFMOs. 
On June 2nd, in Tokyo, OPRT held its General Meeting and adopted the resolution to promote control of fishing capacity for bigeye. OPRT and its members expressed concern of the high level of tuna catch by purse seiners, especially their massive catch of small-size bigeye and yellowfin tunas and requested RMFOs and FAO to develop the global measures to control fishing capacity: “We request that they develop as expeditiously as possible the global measures to control the number of large scale tuna purse-seine fishing vessels and their fishing capacity”.