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Japanese Local Tuna: Lower Catches, Higher Prices

The traditional Japanese tuna industry is experiencing rough times with lower tuna sashimi consumption as an effect of the financial crisis on consumer’s budgets.

The Japanese Ministry of Fisheries released, in the January report, the tuna numbers up to November of last year.

Landing of the major tuna species declined in the last months of 2008, following a similar trend of the previous year, when catches were inferior than on periods like June and July.

Nevertheless, the Japanese tuna fleet landed 361.770 M/T of tuna from January to November last year. The major species caught were skipjack tuna, with 275.013 M/T and albacore with 38.536 M/T.

If compared with the same period of 2007, last November tuna catches were also inferior for most of the species.
In contrast, the Japanese retail price of tuna for Sashimi showed to be higher in the two major markets: Tokyo and Osaka.

The increasing price trend  is not only seen during 2008 – up to November – but the averages of the last three years show that retails prices for tuna sashimi are also growing. The average of 2008 was USD 42 per Kg in both markets.