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“I Fully Support Mr. Sanchez In His Efforts”

The ongoing cat fight between Common Cause and the organizers of the petition to President Obama requesting the deletion of the escalation clauses in the Minimum Wage bears reason for comment.

While Mr. Sanchez does inject business into our economy, that business is largely dependent on the Canneries.

What would we rather have: Bragging rights for the top salaries for cleaning fish in the entire Pacific, or would we rather have a steady income?

When there are no more paychecks being injected into our economy, what good will the $7.00 per hour Minimum Wage do us?

American Samoa to my knowledge was already paying top wages for the Tuna Industry, and everyone was well and happy while living on the Pigs Back.

Now we have one Cannery that is doing a Major restructuring maneuver, while the other cannery has one foot in the grave, and the other foot on a Banana Peel.

It is too late for the Cannery to change its mind about staying in American Samoa.

We cannot rightfully expect them to roll back their plans for the move to the Mainland. We can, however, begin planning our industrial future to prevent further chaos in the economy.

When the Canneries close the Gates, we will all be sitting in the middle of the Malae wondering what happened.

The closing of the Canneries will generate a “Snowball” effect in that it will cause hardship to every business that is now supporting the Local Tuna Industry. In our case, this will affect most small businesses, as one way or another, most are dependent on the Canneries for a portion of their business.

Some that come to mind are the Grocers, Retail Stores, Shipping Agents, Stevedoring, Fuel Sales, Lost Fuel Revenues from the lack of a Local Seiner Fleet, Airlines. Travel Agents, Hotels, and Fast Food Restaurants and Night Clubs.

Revenues will be in decline for our Power Authority, and Communications Authority. LBJ will suffer due to lost revenues. The construction industry will suffer. Those businesses that support the Construction Industry will suffer.

 The local Government will suffer due to lack of Tax Revenues. This will in turn cause the forced layoffs and early retirement of many of its employees.

I for one fully support Mr. Sanchez in his efforts to make a difference. Those who indicate he is in this for personal gain are most likely right in their assumption.

As ridiculous as are the comments from Common Cause, so is the reasoning behind Mr. Sanchez’s efforts to curb the downward spiral of the economy.

He, like everyone else is in a survival mode.

In conclusion, I would urge everyone with a desire for the betterment of our economy to find the time and the place to sign the now circulated petition. Take a look at the condition of the American Auto Industry.

This is a result of greed from its employees. There are large numbers of the U.A.W. who are out in the streets of Detroit and other US Cities.

Think back to the times when the Unions were attempting to organize our Tuna Industry. The employees voted “NO.” Their reasoning behind the “NO” vote was their concern for their Job Security!