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How To Determine The Weight Of A Tuna asked an IATTC Marine Scientist if there’s a conversion to calculate the weight of a tuna fish.

According to him, sports fishermen use a simple formula for all tunas to get weight (W) in pounds from length (L) and girth (G) in inches:

W= L x G² / 800

However, this formula may not be so precise since the girth has to be exactly from the middle of the fish and the length measured as showed in the picture below.

On 2006’s yellowfin status report made by Mr. Maunder, a more complex formula was used to find the relationship between weight and length, this time in kilograms and centimeters.

W= 1.387×10-5 × L 3.086

Below, there is a table that relates length and weight of yellowfin tuna to the age of the fish represented in quarters after hatching.