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Greenpeace Assesses Strength & Weaknesses Of Friend Of The Sea Logo

Greenpeace has released the below press release in relation to their evaluation of the Friend of the Sea (FOTS) sustainable seafood program and logo.
Greenpeace is of the opinion that no fully credible certification system for sustainable seafood currently exists. Although Greenpeace acknowledges that Friends of the Sea applies clear bottom lines to its assessments, has adopted strong environmental standards and a broad scope, Greenpeace does not currently endorse Friends of the Sea. Key reasons for this can be found in the 'Weaknesses' box below.

About FOTS
FOTS is a small organization with an office in Italy. FOTS has a skeleton staff led by its founder and director. FOTS has an Advisory Board composed of five environmental and seafood experts from Europe, the USA and Canada. FOTS standards are developed and reviewed by the Technical Board (26 members) with representatives from industry, environmental groups and scientific community.
FOTS runs two certification programs, one for aquaculture products and one for fisheries products. Traceability and chain of custody aspects are included within these programs.