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Fishermen Demand Higher Yellowfin Price In Demonstration

All the objectives of the fishermen’s demonstrations held on Friday were not fully achieved, Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) Leader Umar Naseer has said.

Speaking to Miadhu Daily on Monday Umar said the demands made by fishermen and IDP during the demonstrations were not achieved. However he said the demonstrations were a success and had achieved its main objective of informing the government of the fishermen’s problems and issues.

At the demonstrations some 12 key issues were raised. This included baring MIFCO vessels from engaging in fishing and establishing a minimum rate of Rf. 45 per kilo of yellow fin tuna. At a recent news confer4ence, fishermen has expressed that due to inability to sell the yellow fins he catches, they were now forced to divert to grouper fishing. Other issues raised includes seeking adequate harbor space in front of fish market; seek more loans for construction of fishing vessels and to prevent STO using a middleman when supplying fuel to fishermen.

Thaa Dhiyamigily Masveringe Kurimagu (DHIMAKU), an NGO working in Dhiyamigili area for fishermen’s rights and the Fishermen’s Union have denounced and condemned the demonstrations organized by IDP in the name of fishermen. Both NGO’s have said the demonstrations were not representative of fishermen and were politically motivated.