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Fiji Hopes For Renewal EU Approval Tuna Exports After June Inspection

Fiji was taken off “List 11” of seafood exporting nations to the European Unoin (EU) in early 2008.

Since then, with the assistance of overseas consultants working through various EU and other aid programmes, much preparation toward relisting has taken place.

Additionally the Government has given priority to strengthening   the Health Department as the Competent Authority (CA).  Additional staff has been engaged and an extensive training programme of inspectors has been completed.

It is understood that a EU Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) mission will visit Fiji early June this year.  This is primarily intended to evaluate the control systems now in place.  The ultimate and immediate aim being to classify Fiji as an approved exporting nation and put on “List 11”.  No time is set for this and much depends on the outcome of the inspection in June.

At the time of delisting from “List 11” Fiji’s exports of seafood to the EU were increasing rapidly – mainly in the form of whole and loined Tuna.  With the loss of the EU market Fiji has further improved supplies to Japan and the West Coast USA.  Fiji consistently ranks in the higher price bracket for sub tropical fresh tuna sold on the Japanese central auction markets.