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FAO: End Of The Line Advocates “A Wholesale Solution”

The director of Fish Products and Industry Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Grimur Valdimarsson, stated that the recently released movie End of the Line can be compared to a litany in which “it advocates a wholesale solution” to save fish stocks from depletion.

“I don’t think that anyone would disagree that ‘fisheries are in trouble’. The question is what we do about it. The film advocates what I call a ‘wholesale solution’ which is expanding large Marine Protected Areas. This is simply closing down fisheries. That can of course be part of the solution but what is really needed are effective control mechanisms that work”, he stated.

During his presentation at the Globefish Partner Meeting last April, Mr. Valdimarsson stressed the importance of understanding that there is no way the supply of seafood will reach the growing demand for the next 10 years, which makes fisheries management even more urgent.

He also made a point in sending the message “fish don’t talk, money talks” by also mentioning The Sunken Billions report made by FAO and the World Bank, in which has been stated that the seafood sector is losing U$ 50 billion a year in marine potential.

“FAO has compiled a lot of case studies that do indicate that defining the rights to fishing is absolutely necessary to achieve fisheries correct management”, Mr. Valdimarsson said referring to one of the biggest current issues in his opinion – lack of clean legally defined fishing rights.