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European Parliament To Vote On Bluefin Tuna Recovery Plan

This evening the European Parliament will debate a proposed regulation to Council concerning "a multi-annual recovery plan" for dwindling bluefin tuna stocks in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. The European Commission targets to carry over into Community law the measures agreed upon by the members of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Marrakesh, Morocco in November 2008.

The bluefin tuna recovery plan regards:

  • A 30 per cent drop in total allowable catch for Community vessels over the next two years - from the 16,210 tons permitted in 2008 to 12,406 tons this year and 11,237 tons in 2010;
  • A 24 per cent reduction in the fishing quota for Spain compared to 2008: from 5,428.46 tons to 4,116 tons;
  • Immediate freezing of fishing capacity to 2007-08 levels for vessels that target bluefin tuna, and the first-time implementation of a reduction plan aligned with national quotas;
  • Limitations on the productive capacity of aquaculture;
  • Fixing of quotas for sport fishing;
  • Prohibition of bluefin tuna imports and exports for vessels without a quota, be they national or individual vessels.