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Ecuador’s Tuna Industry Fends Off Global Crisis, For Now

Despite the registered decline in the international demand for seafood products, the global economic crisis has still not triggered layoffs in the Manta tuna industry.

The tuna companies and tuna packers located in this Ecuadorian and its surroundings employ more than 12,000 workers. Larger companies, like the Industria Ecuatoriana Productora de Alimentos CA (INEPACA), employ around 1,000 workers.

Conservas Isabel’s personnel manager, Mr. Pablo Giler, said that the external market demand until now has been almost satisfactory. "We have important commitments to fulfill for the months of March and April. We still don't know what will happen in May,” he said.

"We don’t want to anticipate by saying that the workforce will be reduced because of the effects of the global crisis, while demand continues to exist in the market, production will continue,” he added.

According the personnel manager at the Asiservy factory, Mr. Ruben Nunez, the 547 tuna workers at Asiservy are not at risk of being fired as a consequence of the world financial crisis.

Some creative strategies will be used to help deal with the current crisis, Nunez stated. These include the company offering takeaway fish with salad and frozen pre-cooked steak, among other innovations.