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Ecuador Now The Absolute Dominant Canned Tuna Supplier To EU

The European imports of canned tuna were one of the few products which increased numbers in 2008: 396.424 M/T, having Ecuador as its main supplier with 88.624 M/T, or 22% of the total amount.

Ecuador’s slice on canned tuna imports from the EU increased 5% since 2007, while Thailand, Mauritius and Seychelles exported 7%, 6% and 10% less respectively.

The current figures show that exporter nations are trying to find more profitable markets for their tuna and import duties play a major role in it.

Ecuador is shifting its U.S. canned tuna exports to EU due the exclusion of this category from the duty free status. Ecuadorian tuna in pouches, however, still continue to enjoy the duty free benefit and the country is the main supplier in America.

Thailand’s lower exports of canned tuna to the EU in 2008 – 52.270 M/T - can be explained by its increasing focus on markets like the U.S., Australia, Egypt and Libya. As long as EU duty on Thai canned tuna remains of 24%, this situation is most likely NOT to change.

It is interesting to see how countries, such as Ghana and Colombia, managed to remain competitive and increase their exported volumes to the EU last year. Ghana exports of canned tuna grew 14% reaching 26.482 M/T, while Colombia exports of the goods jumped 43% in 2008 with 15.895M/T.

Philippines and Cote d’Ivoire were still among the top five exporter countries of canned tuna to the EU, however with less impressive changes from 2007 to last year: a 5% and 2% increase.