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Complaint Against Brunswick Co. Representative Over A Tuna

State officials have looked into allegations that Brunswick County Representative Bonner Stiller broke the law.

According to fisherman Donnie White, tuna is a hot item.

“Anybody from all spectrums of life love to eat tuna fish,” said White.  “It’s  probably the best eating in the ocean."

A complaint was filed that Stiller broke the law by catching and transporting a tuna without the proper license.

WECT learned the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources looked into the complaint and did not find any violations, but officials with the National Marine Fisheries service say they do not comment on any ongoing investigations or the people they may be investigating.

"No one from the Division of Marine Fisheries has spoken to me," said Stiller. 
"It is March 2, and I have no ticket.  If I get one I will let you know."
Fishermen say you spend nearly $10,000 to meet requirements to legally catch tuna. 
White said there are several licenses and permits that must be obtained before you fish for tuna.

Stiller said he believes the complaint was politically motivated.  WECT has been unable to determine who filed the original compliant.