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Azzopardi Wins Tender To Sell Tuna In Malta’s Name

The Ministry of Fisheries signed an agreement with the Fisheries Cooperations and with Azzopardi Fisheries after the latter won a tender for exportation of the seasonal tuna this year.
The tuna which is being caught with Maltese traditional long fishing lines is selling well. The fishermen, as in past years, are managing to find a good market for their fish.

This agreement gives Azzopardi Fisheries the right to export tuna in Malta’s name. The tuna season opened April 15 and continues till June 30.

The tuna sector is continuously evolving and control regulations are updated every year. At present the Ministry is working on the national plan of aquaculture.

Currently a tender is being prepared to study sea zones in the northern part of Malta, where tuna fish farms will be relocated. This will diminish conflicts that might arise with different usage of the same sea zones.