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Austral Group Expands Its Tuna Canning Capacity In Peru

The Austral Group anticipates finalizing the construction of a cannery and frozen products complex in Pisco in July, a project worth USD 17 million.

The company aims to produce a daily 20,000 canned product cases and process up to 250 tons of frozen jack mackerel and mackerel, El Comercio reports.

"This year we have laid out the goal of consolidating our share in the frozen foods and canned products businesses. For that reason, and in spite of the crisis, we decided to move forward with the complex project," said the general manager of Austral Group, Adriana Giudice.

In addition, the seafood firm executives plan to build a new wharf in the bay of Coishco, in Ancash, where artisanal vessels can land anchovy, and larger vessels, tuna and other species.

 “The wharf is in our mid-term plans, but not yet a priority,” the executive added.

Austral Group also seeks to set up a new company, Conservera Las Americas, to develop the canned tuna business.

“We have processed major quantities of tuna in Paita and we continue in talks with the Bertini group to incorporate it as a partner,” Giudice said on the matter.

When asked about the impact of implementing the individual quota system (ITQ), the executive remarked that they operated 26 vessels in the first fishing season and left 10 vessels moored at port.

Austral Group, a subsidiary of the Norwegian group Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS), is one of the country's largest companies. It owns more than 30 vessels and 11 plants, where it produces fishmeal, fish oil, and canned and frozen products.