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ANFACO: EU Tuna Fleet Seriously Affected By Pirates

ANFACO supports the effective measures taken to protect the tuna fleet operating in the Indian Ocean.
Harassment from pirates seriously affects the activity of the tuna fleet in Indian Ocean Area and harms the supply raw materials to the tuna canning industry.

The fish canning and processing industry, represented by ANFACO is concerned about the lack of guarantees regarding the protection of the Spanish and EU tuna fleet operating in the Indian Ocean, which is being pursued by pirates operating from Somalia without any control, putting at risk the freedom of the tuna purse seine vessels fishing in those waters.

This situation is also affecting the canning industry, by endangering the supply of a very important part of the raw materials used for the processing of its products, with the consequent distortions this is creating in the market.

“We cannot forget that the Indian Ocean currently concentrates 50% of the tuna catches. This is an aspect that makes resolving this problem vitally important; a problem which has repeatedly being dragged over the past few years, and which should be resolved as rapidly as possible.”

Following the kidnapping of Basque tuna vessel “Bakio” in April last year and the harassment suffered by other ships in recent months, the Spanish fleet is having great difficulty in resuming its normal activity, due to the threat of being captured by pirates.

“Canned tuna now represents over 60% of the Spanish industry’s production. It’s a key product in the country’s present and future. Therefore, the Spanish industry is seeking maximum flexibility to ensure the safety of its fishing fleet in the Indian Ocean in order not to jeopardize the viability of an industry which has such strong socio-economic influence particularly in areas of our coastline which are dependent on fishing and processing.”