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Anabac Seiner Escapes Attack By Somali Pirates

The Basque tuna vessel Felipe Ruano, from the National Association of Shipowners Tuna Freezer Vessels (Anabac) escaped the attack of a pirate ship 500 miles off the Somali coast earlier this month, according to scientific advisor of the tuna association. Anabac’s Deputy Manager, Mr. Juan Pablo Rodríguez Sahagún said that the attack occurred in international waters.

After an hour of persecution, the Spanish tuna vessels managed to leave the attacking pirate boat behind thanks to tuna vessel’s rapid speed. This is the third incident pirates of the Association with tuna.

Mr. Rodríguez Sahagún highlighted the poor coordination of the troops from Operation Atalanta, which is working to fight piracy in the Aden Gulf. “The marine and air troops in this area are numerous, however, at the east coast of southern Somalia there is scarce protection and an insufficient number of troops.”