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WCPFC Postpones Important Palau Tuna Meeting Due To Power Situation

Professor Glenn Hurry, the Executive Director of the WCPFC (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission) has called off the WCPFC 8th Regular Session meeting that was planned to be held in Korror, in the Pacific island Nation of Palau, from December 5 to 9, 2011.

He writes in his email that “
the Annual Meeting of the WCPFC has been postponed to a date to be fixed”.  
He continues that “he will now work with Commissioners and the Palau officials to find a suitable time for the meeting in the first quarter of 2012.”  He also “thanks Palau for their assistance this week which had no doubt been very difficult for them.”The reason of the postponement is that the country’s main power plant got struck by a blaze. At this moment, electricity supplies across Palau are functioning at half their capacity as the country struggles to recover from the fire that destroyed generators of the power plant. The WCPFC meeting -bringing about 600 tuna delegates from all over the world- might strain the limited power resources even further.

The government of Palau already declared a state of emergency almost 2 weeks ago following the blaze at the Aimeliik power plant. On the islands the power is still being rationed.

This postponement comes at a critical time, when many important decisions should be taken by the WCPFC.

Many people would like to see the meeting moved to another location such as Manila or Guam, so it could still take place and essential decisions do not get postponed or delayed.

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