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Skipjack, seiners, and the sea – Intro

To this end, skipjack tuna is caught almost exclusively through the use of industrial purse seiners.  A purse seine is a type of net which, like its eponymous accessory, is basically a goodie bag with a closing mechanism.  Purse seine nets are dropped into the water and maneuvered around a school of fish, and then a drawstring is pulled which closes the net and draws it tight around its catch.  The fish are compressed together, and the unfortunate animals along the sides are sliced to ribbons by the taut ropes of the net.  As the catch is hauled out of the water in a tight silvery ball, the seine net literally rains blood.
The main issue that we are facing when it comes to purse seining is the use of something called a fish aggregating device (FAD).  FADs are floating objects that are thrown into the water in order to provide structure and shade in the open ocean.  They can be anything that floats and provides shade — from sophisticated mega-buoys with sonar and radio capabilities to half-rotten doors plucked from garbage heaps behind ramshackle fishing villages.

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1. MARINE FISH I. VIET SEAFOOD 1. MARINE FISH A. Skipjack Tuna                    G. Black Pomfret B. Yellow Fin Tuna                  H. Bigeye Scad C. Bullet Tuna (Bonito)            J. Yellow Tail Scad D. Muroaji (Layang Scad)        K. Hairtail Scad E. Round Scad                         M. Short Body Mackerel F. Indian Mackerel                  N. Black Squid 
2. CRUSTACEANS                  4. CANNED FOOD A. Black tiger shrimp,              A. Canned tuna fish B. Crab                                      B. Canned sardines fish C. Lobster                                 C. Canned  round scad fish 3. MOLUSSCA                        5. DRIED SEAFOOD A. Scallop                               A. Dried anchovy B. White clam shell on            B. Dried yellow stripe C. Brown clam shell on            C. Dried silver scad D. Ark shell meat                   D. Dried white anchovy E. Yellow Clam meat                 E. Dried shrimp
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