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How was it caught?

There are many different ways to catch fish. Each method has a different impact on the species it targets, some species it catches unintentionally, and the wider environment where it operates. There are three fishing methods often discussed in relation to tuna from the WCPO.

Purseseine fishing

Purse-seine fishing
Purse-seine fishing accounts for around 70% of all tuna caught in the WCPO. Almost 80% of the purse-seine catch is Skipjack tuna. Purse-seining is where a vessel encircles a school of fish and then draws the net together like a purse. Around half of the purse-seining in the WCPO is deployed on ‘free schools’ where vessels find and chase a school of fish, then encircle it for the catch. Sometimes fish aggregation devices (FADs) are also used. FADs include naturally-occurring objects such as floating logs and attract fish because they offer protection in open waters.
FADs help vessels to find fish and also increase the volume of fish in each catch, so they reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity. The use of FADs (including logs) in the WCPO is around 50%. When a purse-seine vessel fishes on a FAD, there is usually a higher proportion of Yellowfin and Bigeye tunas (including juveniles) in the catch, though Skipjack still makes up the vast majority of the catch. All of the purse-seining in the WCPO has been ‘dolphin friendly’ since 1991. For more information about how tuna became ‘dolphin friendly’, visit the Earth Island website.

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