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Can Tho fisheries

Can Tho, the gateway to the whole downstream areas of Mekong River Delta. Named as Capital of Mekong Delta, Can Tho is the economic and cultural centre, an important hub of regional and international transport of Mekong River Delta and the whole country as well.
Can Tho situates beside the western bank of Hau River, the largest river in Mekong Delta. It runs through the city with the length 65 km and supplies fresh water for city whole year round. As its natural condition, Can Tho has many rivers and dense network of small ditchs which is very suitable for aquaculture cultivating.
Moreover, Can Tho is surrounded by a rich source of aquatic products from neighboring provinces such as: An Giang, Dong Thap, Hau Giang, Kien Giang and Vinh Long.
All These advantanges have given Can Tho an ideal condition to develop aquatic farming and processing, especially fresh water species such as pangasius, fresh water shrimp, climbing perch, snake head, tilapia, catfish, goby fish, swamp eel, …
The main aquatic products of province are: pangasius, shrimps and other fresh water fishes
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1. MARINE FISH I. VIET SEAFOOD 1. MARINE FISH A. Skipjack Tuna                    G. Black Pomfret B. Yellow Fin Tuna                  H. Bigeye Scad C. Bullet Tuna (Bonito)            J. Yellow Tail Scad D. Muroaji (Layang Scad)        K. Hairtail Scad E. Round Scad                         M. Short Body Mackerel F. Indian Mackerel                  N. Black Squid 
2. CRUSTACEANS                  4. CANNED FOOD A. Black tiger shrimp,              A. Canned tuna fish B. Crab                                      B. Canned sardines fish C. Lobster                                 C. Canned  round scad fish 3. MOLUSSCA                        5. DRIED SEAFOOD A. Scallop                               A. Dried anchovy B. White clam shell on            B. Dried yellow stripe C. Brown clam shell on            C. Dried silver scad D. Ark shell meat                   D. Dried white anchovy E. Yellow Clam meat                 E. Dried shrimp
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