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Ben Tre fisheries

Ben Tre is the leading province of Vietnam in farming and exploiting white clam. As a gift of natural, Ben Tre has 15,000 ha of alluvial ground which is very potential for bivalve farming, every year Ben Tre can harvest around 9,000 tons of commercial clams and 400 - 500 tons of baby clams for aquaculture. Ben Tre is at the end period of consolidation process to receive the certificate from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for clam products farmed in this province.
Beside that, Ben Tre possesses a sea ground with a reserves of inshore seafood  from 19,000 to 20,000 tons and a big reserves of off-shore seafood around 1 - 1.2 million tons. Every year can supply about 75,000 tons of seafood for domestic consumption and export.
Moreover, Ben Tre also inherits 50,000 ha of water surface on sea and coastal area that can be used for aquaculture cultivating. The multiform ecosystem of province has created the deversify of aquatic species in fresh, brackish and salt water environment.
The main products of province are: white clam (meretrix lyrata), pangasius, black tiger shrimp,  fresh water shrimp and a new specie which was successfully started farming in 2008 is vanamei shrimp (white leg shrimp).
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1. MARINE FISH I. VIET SEAFOOD 1. MARINE FISH A. Skipjack Tuna                    G. Black Pomfret B. Yellow Fin Tuna                  H. Bigeye Scad C. Bullet Tuna (Bonito)            J. Yellow Tail Scad D. Muroaji (Layang Scad)        K. Hairtail Scad E. Round Scad                         M. Short Body Mackerel F. Indian Mackerel                  N. Black Squid 
2. CRUSTACEANS                  4. CANNED FOOD A. Black tiger shrimp,              A. Canned tuna fish B. Crab                                      B. Canned sardines fish C. Lobster                                 C. Canned  round scad fish 3. MOLUSSCA                        5. DRIED SEAFOOD A. Scallop                               A. Dried anchovy B. White clam shell on            B. Dried yellow stripe C. Brown clam shell on            C. Dried silver scad D. Ark shell meat                   D. Dried white anchovy E. Yellow Clam meat                 E. Dried shrimp
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